Using wireless technologies for context sensitive education and training

CONTSENS - The Lifelong Learning Porgramme, Leonardo da Vinci project
(2007 – 1968 / 001 – 001)

The profile of the typical mobile device is changing rapidly. It is estimated by 2010 that the number of people using mobile broadband connections will have increased to over half a billion. This access is being made on all types of mobile devices: mobile phones, media players, handheld games consoles, ultra portable PCs, and so on.

Already one is seeing a great deal of convergence in the marketplace; while it is common to see people carrying both a mobile phone and a media player, such as an iPod, these devices are merging, with mobile phones offering gigabytes of storage for audio and video. Devices running Windows Mobile and Symbian have many of the features of laptops or desktop computers and are now being used to access the net at broadband speeds.

The project focuses on the development of appropriate training/learning materials for mobile learning enhanced by context sensitive and location based delivery. This will encompass development for less qualified workers.