E-GREEN JOBS Skills and competences improvement of workers employed in green sector with e-learning technology use


E-GREEN JOBS in the meaning of Polish standards, are: “Jobs resulted of capital and non capital investment undertakings which ease the pressure from the economy and public utilities on environment. Green jobs can be created in each economic sector, the condition being that the workers should be directly or indirectly involved in the improvement of the environment in a given area and operating against the environmentally harmful activities both in the short and the long run”.

In the report prepared by the Local Economic and Employment Development (LEED) Programme of the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) titled: 'Climate Change, Employment and Local Development in Poland' from September 2011 it is highlighted, that in Poland is a great need to define a strong and long-term strategy focused on supporting the green economy.
The best way to “sell” this new notion of the green economy is through the creation of jobs and the distribution of wealth across the country. It is therefore essential to support business creation, as well as business growth, in the green sectors.

In line with this, the education system should provide the labour market with ready-to-work professionals. One of the key issues to popularise the 'green jobs' in Poland is to subsidise post-graduate courses in green business and technologies.
This could be included as a core component of all courses. The main aim of E-GREEN JOBS project is to improve skills and competences of Polish workers, experts, professionals, freelances involved in green sectors with e-learning technology use.