Adaptive Medical Profession Assessor (Med-Assess)
LLP Leonardo da Vinci Programme, Proj. No.: DE/12/LLP-LdV/TOI/147557

The project Adaptive Medical Profession Assessor, in short Med-Assess, is an innovation transfer project in the context of the LEONARDO DA VINCI innovation transfer call of the Education, Audiovisual and Culture Executive Agency (EACEA). The focus of Med-Assess is the measuring of knowledge, abilities and competencies of employees in the medical field regarding certain work related topics (e.g. treatment of patients suffering neurological diseases) , and the provision of recommendations for additional training courses, qualification measures or required learning material. This way the solution supports VET on the job. The target groups are medical professionals like nurses or other care givers e.g. ward nurses, medical imaging nurses, and physiotherapists. A second application scenario is to support the superiors in a hospital or other medical institution in recruitment tests for new employees. With regard to the international context, Med-Assess can be used for determining whether a foreign job applicant holds similar knowledge and qualifications than a local applicant , or he will need additional training to fulfill the job related tasks.
The solution will be adaptable for different medical qualification areas. This way each clinic will be able to create individual Med-Assess measuring knowledge bases (neuroscience, internal medicine, sport medicine, etc. ). In this project, Med-Assess will be adapted and implemented for basic nurse qualifications, neuroscience nurses and care givers especially for the area of treating and caring patients with spinal diseases. The project partner Beta Klinik GmbH will support the creation of the job descriptions, the measuring criteria as well as provide the central testing environment. Additionally one of the project aims is to acquire other potential clinics in the pilot testing. A long-term goal is to establish Med-Assess not only in pilot clinics, but to distribute and standardize the solutions for all kinds of clinics, as well as using it as a standardized tool for assessing the knowledge of migrant job applicants and skill workers.