mobile Performance Support System for Vocational Education and Training

mPSS - The Lifelong Learning Porgramme, Leonardo da Vinci project

Mobile devices are popular and well used by many people within our target groups, but not for learning. With the current rate of development mobile devices will have the capability of delivering high quality, multi-media content at affordable prices within next years. Performance centred approach has been proven to be more effective than the traditional lecture-practice-test (expository inductive) in training higher order skills, for preparing learners for self-learning, improving, adapting for changing jobs. This project applies performance-centered approach in mobile learning management system. It will result in a Performance-centered Mobile Learning Model (PML Model). * Mobile Performance Support System (mPSS) presents mlearning as a form of performance support system for educational and training purposes. * Modules, courses in mPSS - A set of learning resources; description of adaptive scenarios; performance centered assessment methods and criteria for evaluation; experts advices * Evaluation plan/strategy and the measurement instruments are aimed at measuring the effect of mPSS on knowledge, skills and attitudes of students and trainees. * In addition, it is going to assess the attitudes of teachers and trainers towards using mPSS as a design and delivery platform for education and training support. Report on the findings of the pedagogical research, data analysis from evaluation and effectiveness of mPSS * The impact for trainees are derived from providing learners with a job aid in the context of their work: Puts training and performance support where the actual work takes place; Allows new skills or knowledge to be immediately applied; Enables training when it is needed; Allows use of rich media when appropriate. The impact for students from vocational education institutions: Students will have more flexibility and choice in where and when they learn; Students will use the technology in their study that would enhance their readiness for tomorrow s workplace where employers want graduates who know how to use technology for learning and working; Given the trend to lifelong learning, many students are working adults with full- or part-time jobs. Mobility offers them an opportunity to maximize learning time.