ProKEx -Integrated Platform for Process-based Knowledge Extraction

ProKEx aims to deliver an integrated platform to support corporate knowledge management by semantic business process management. The project will provide a solution to extract, organize and preserve knowledge embedded in organisational processes to enrich organisational knowledge base in a systematic and controlled way, support employees to easily acquire their job role specific knowledge and help to govern human capital investment

Demo video illustrates the whole process.

Corporate Knowledge Discovery an Organizational Learning

Summary of the ProKEX project has been recently published by Springer Verlag

The book aims to analyse organisational learning from information processing perspectives. Regulatory, social and economic environment are complex and changing continuously that cause increase demand for organizations and their employees in getting the necessary job-specific knowledge in right time and right format. Much of regulations may now available in digital form, but due to their complexity and diversity, identifying the ones relevant to a particular context is a non-trivial task. Important knowledge sources are business processes, which contain rich, but in many case embedded, hidden knowledge. The book discusses a.o. the possible connection between business process models and corporate knowledge assets; knowledge extraction approaches from organizational processes; corporate knowledge base development and maintenance; semantic business process management and its relation with organizational learning approaches. The chapters will go through a knowledge management solution developed partly in the Prokex project (EUREKA_HU_12-1-2012-0039).