SMART - Supporting dynamic MAtching for Regional developmenT

SMART Project’s (Supporting dynamic MAtching for Regional developmenT) main goal is to create a model to identify the real training needs in different professional sectors, and to adapt the existing training offer to that identified needs, improving the employability of the users of that tools, using online personalized training paths. The project is included in the Transfer of Innovation measure of Leonardo da Vinci Programme (Lifelong Learning Programme), and it’s based on two products already tested and developed in Austria (MISLEM) and Hungary (STUDIO) that work on the identification of training needs for the work labour, and on the definition of specific training needs for the students (based on a competence assessment). As the main goal of the project is to create a model, this developed prototype will be tested in the tourism sector in Andalusia, and specifically on two profiles. This system will simultaneously tested in the UK, and this will let validate the efficiency of the model.


Detailed information about the project