About the Living Lab initiative

Living Labs are open innovation platforms which provide research, development, innovation and market validation services in real-life environments. Living Labs are willing to share knowledge, research services and products through a common platform. Participants of a Living Lab come from all segments of public and private sectors: private companies (profit and non-profit), public and private research organisations, governmental institutions, public bodies and also individuals can benefit from this cooperation.

A Living Lab provides win-win strategies for all stakeholders by co-selling and promoting their developments and services on the global market. An active involvement in a living lab has several benefits for the participants:

1. Capability to improve the effectiveness of customer’s research, development and innovation process
2. Comprehensive Living Lab’s service portfolio incorporating user-driven innovation methods and tools
3. Measures to engage people as real-life users in the innovation processes
4. Possibility to utilize real-life testing, validating and usage contexts
5. User-centricity service processes
6. Capability to serve full product lifecycle product development
7. Means to support research and development within the entire value chain
8. Providing real life test beds for innovative products
9. IPR issue management
10. Business-citizens-government partnership in practice
11. Business process development support for incorporated products
12. Connection possibilities to regional/national/European innovation systems and networks
13. Visibility of stakeholder’s profile trough a dedicated web site or other dissemination means.

If you need more information about living labs visit the following website: openLivingLabs