ELVIN - European Living Languages Virtual Network

ELVIN - The Lifelong Learning Porgramme, KA2 Multilateral project
MyElvin social network portal

What is it?
MyElvin sets up an online multilingual community of people interested in sharing specific professional and academic interests and in learning foreign languages in informal environments.

What is it for?
MyElvin creates online multilingual social networks of individuals sharing academic and professional interests and exchanging ideas as they practice and learn one particular foreign language.

How does it work?
All members can access individually or in group at any moment, talk, use and share useful information with other members, in the foreign language they aim to practice and on the topics of their interest. Communication will develop as members interact with others and identify the contents they need for their own interests. There will be tutors, an online helpdesk and an online repository of contents that members can draw upon, if they have doubts or particular questions they want to ask. Questions can also be answered by users of the platform.

Who is it for?
MyElvin meets the needs of university students and public administration professionals interested in communicating with colleagues from other contexts and languages on their professional and academic topics. The idea is to articulate common professional interests with the practice of foreign languages, thus creating an informal learning environment relevant for members’ particular interests.

What languages?
MyElvin allows you to network and learn in Bulgarian, English, Hungarian, Latvian, Portuguese and Spanish.

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