mPSS - Mobile Performance Support System

mPSS - The Lifelong Learning Porgramme, Leonardo da Vinci project

The project presents mlearning as a form of performance support system for educational and training purposes. The advantages for trainees are derived from providing learners with a job aid in the context of their work:

  • Puts training and performance support where the actual work takes place
  • Allows new skills or knowledge to be immediately applied
  • Enables training when it is needed
  • Allows use of rich media when appropriate

1, Performance-centered Mobile Learning Model containing the description of the pedagogical operationalizations and the technical specifications of the mPSS system Detailed information about PML Model
2, Mobile Performance Support System (mPSS): Mobile Learning Content Management System - mDIPSEIL. Detailed information about mDIPSEIL
3, mPSS Evaluation Strategy and Plan/Measurement instruments: An evaluation strategy document which defines key terms, stakeholders, evaluation aims and criteria along with the appropriate data collection and analysis techniques for the mPSS pilots.Detailed information aobut mPSS Evaluation Strategy
4, Four courses mobile courses in mPSS in four languages:
  • Electronics in English
  • Information Technology for Information Physics and Telecommunications Specialty in Bulgarian

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